Ordering Skinny Up!®

I have _____ can I do Skinny Up? (diabetes, no thyroid, hormone issues…)

There are few people who truly should not do Skinny Up!®. Because Skinny Up!® is such an amazing detoxification process, even if there are additional health issues going on, Skinny Up!® is often supportive of restoring health and wellness. Of course, we recommend that you always chat with your primary care physician before doing Skinny […]

Are there any coupon codes?

Yes! Sign up for our newsletter to receive up to date coupon codes and information whenever we have a sale!

Can I expedite shipping?

It is possible, but it is typically fairly expensive. To overnight a shipment (arriving the next business day), the cost is $49.95. Give us a call to place your order over the phone. Our number is (970)449-4141.

What kind of support comes with Skinny Up!®?

So much support! Every package comes with detailed instructions on how to use the product. Every package that includes Reduce will come with a Skinny Up!® Protocol Guide which includes all of the information needed in order to be successful. Beyond that, we provide detailed email support. When you place an order, you are put […]

Are There Any Guarantees With Skinny Up!®?

Skinny Up!® has a very high success rate for those who adhere to the Protocol Guide specifications.* However, if a person feels that Skinny Up!® did not work for them or are unsatisfied with their results, Skinny Up!® offers a 30 day, money back guarantee for Skinny Up!® products. Just send the bottles back, and […]