Reduce Phase

Can I continue to take Reduce after 40 days?

We recommend that you don’t go beyond 40 days of the Reduce Phase at a time because our goal is to keep you healthy and safe while continually giving you the very best option for weight loss. That happens by making sure that your body is well-rested and stress-free. After the 40-day mark, we recommend […]

I am a week or so in, and I have cramps in my legs – why? What can I do about it?

Feeling some muscle cramps is not common, but it isn’t unheard of. Most often, cramping can be helped by upping your mineral and vitamin intake. While Skinny Up! products are loaded with great nutritional support, sometimes a person’s body might need some extra help. For muscle cramps specifically, try to up your magnesium intake. This […]

How important is water consumption? I only really drink tea and coffee.

Very!!! Water is vital to the body functioning properly. Water helps to flush toxins out; (you’ve heard that before). Here’s why: When the body releases waste from the cells, which happens every second of the day, it has to protect itself by moving this acidic waste out of the system. One way to decrease acid […]

Can I take over the counter pain relievers?

There is always a chance that adding a chemical to our system can stall or slow down the process of fat loss. Chemicals are acid in the body. When the body becomes acidic, it has to retain water and fat to neutralize the acid. This could be interpreted as a stall on the scale. However, […]

Is there a good way to measure veggies?

Most people follow the ‘handful’ rule. On lettuce, salad mix, shredded cabbage and spinach, most people use as much as they can grab. Which, usually turns out to be 1 1/2 handfuls. A veggie like asparagus perhaps needs to be cut up to put in a measuring cup. Try not to fret over serving size […]

What are some of the reasons why a person’s weight stalls during the Reduce Phase?

Every person’s body is made up different cell memories, conditioned responses, stress reactions, and emotional triggers. Because of this, each person is a new, individual case when it comes to this program. Where one person may have extreme success in losing quickly without many (or any) stall patterns, another person may feel that their Reduce […]

Should I continue to take my prescription medicines during Reduce Phase?

Yes! Keep taking your medications as prescribed by your doctor. However, be sure to set up an appointment with that prescribing doctor within two weeks or so of beginning Reduce Phase. You will have lost so much weight by that time, that your doctor will want to be aware of the weight loss. He or […]