Can I have any zero calorie water drink?

No. Zero calorie does not mean healthy. Always read the ingredients so that you know what you’re putting into your body. This is a good thing to practice in every season of life, not just when you’re doing the Skinny Up! protocol. Make sure that there isn’t added sugar or sugar substitutes which are often […]

I am a week or so in, and I have cramps in my legs – why? What can I do about it?

Feeling some muscle cramps is not common, but it isn’t unheard of. Most often, cramping can be helped by upping your mineral and vitamin intake. While Skinny Up! products are loaded with great nutritional support, sometimes a person’s body might need some extra help. For muscle cramps specifically, try to up your magnesium intake. This […]

I’m feeling faint and dizzy, what should I do?

Keep drinking water! Remember that this is a huge detoxification process that you’re putting your body through, so there are shifts happening on every level. Chemically speaking, your body is being reworked so it is natural that you might experience a few moments of dizziness as this transition happens. Making the switch from feeding off […]

When should I break a stall?

Let’s never let a stall go on longer for more than 3 days. Do a mini steak day to break your stall. Fast with liquids for breakfast and lunch. For an early dinner, 100 grams of lean steak and an apple or a tomato. This should enable you \ to lose 2-3 pounds and continue […]

I just started REDUCE PHASE. When do the hunger pangs get better? Also I’m a little confused when I should take Skinny Up!® Reduce. Is it right before you eat, or anytime you are really hungry or around lunch and dinner? Also, is it alright to eat the Melba Toast or part of fruit in the morning? I found I was really hungry in the morning.

Hunger is really common during the first few days. People experience different forms of “hunger”. Some say their stomach grumbles and grumbles; some say it feels like an empty feeling in the pit of their stomach (like when you’ve gone way too long without food). Until this initial feeling goes away, there are a few […]

What do you recommend I use for lotion?

Many programs require you to change your whole skin care routine as you go through their weight loss protocol. That is not the case with Skinny Up!®. Weight loss really comes down to what your body is consuming, so as you cut out sugar and the bulk of your carbohydrates (with the help of Skinny […]

What are some of the reasons why a person’s weight stalls during the Reduce Phase?

Every person’s body is made up different cell memories, conditioned responses, stress reactions, and emotional triggers. Because of this, each person is a new, individual case when it comes to this program. Where one person may have extreme success in losing quickly without many (or any) stall patterns, another person may feel that their Reduce […]