How is Skinny Up!® Different?

Skinny Up!® is different from other weight loss systems because it attacks the hidden culprit of weight gain and the sugar cravings that drive weight gain: Candida Yeast Overgrowth. The combined use of Skinny Up!® Reduce and Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux is a product partnership not found elsewhere in the weight loss industry. The Skinny Up!® protocol not only results in tremendous weight loss, but also a full-out battle on candida yeast*. This is a crucial success factor, because dieting alone doesn’t specifically kill off candida. Therefore, in most weight loss systems, as soon as the weight is lost, the weight gain begins all over again. However, with the Skinny Up!® protocol, as the issue of Candida Yeast Overgrowth is addressed, the body can rid itself of the culprit that was fueling past weight gain. Skinny Up!® can help you to finally stop the process.**

Does Skinny Up!® Really Work?

For years, Skinny Up!® was available exclusively through licensed healthcare providers around the country and globally. The reason doctors trust Skinny Up!® is that the Skinny Up!® protocol works for most people who adhere to it. Doctors using Skinny Up!® for their patients’ weight loss have always valued that Skinny Up!® is not only safe, but simple and healthy.  To expound on that, The Skinny Up! protocol encourages the patient to take the weight off very quickly and effectively, without doing any harm to the body.*  Far beyond simply “not harming”, the products are loaded with nutritional support for the body’s vital organs that work very hard during weight loss and detox.  The Skinny Up!® product line is designed to offer the body support throughout these processes, elevating health and vitality.**


Check out these reviews to see for yourself!

How Do I Use Skinny Up!®?

The Skinny Up!® product line is nutritional weight loss support delivered in liquid form.  Skinny Up!® products are liquid to ensure quick, easy absorption by being placed under the tongue.   When used in conjunction with the Skinny Up!® Protocol, the body is able to release and consume stored nutrition easily.* A Skinny Up!® Protocol Guide is sent with every order so that you know exactly how to take each product, what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.

Does Skinny Up!® Have Any Hormones In It?

No, Skinny Up!® Products do not contain any hormones. All products are all-natural and hormone-free, so you can rest assured that you are putting the most quality and safe ingredients possible into your body.

Are There Any Side Effects or Contraindications With Skinny Up!®?

Since Skinny Up!® is all-natural and hormone-free, there really aren’t any side effects. However, since candida is being killed at a high rate and fat cells are being cleaned out of the toxicity they hold, a person can experience flu-like symptoms in the first week of the Reduce Phase. Other candida die-off symptoms can include mild headaches and mild fatigue.

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Can Anyone Do Skinny Up!®?

Customers are always recommend and encouraged to check in with their primary care physician before doing any weight loss protocol, including Skinny Up!®. It is true that most people can successfully do the Skinny Up!® Protocol if they stick to it with determination and perseverance.* Skinny Up!® is very simple and easy to do, but it does take adherence to the specific guidelines put forth in the Skinny Up!® Protocol Guide.

Anyone with specific dietary needs are highly encouraged to meet with and discuss Skinny Up!® with their primary care physician before beginning Skinny Up!®.

Are There Any Guarantees With Skinny Up!®?

Skinny Up!® has a very high success rate for those who adhere to the Protocol Guide specifications.* However, if a person feels that Skinny Up!® did not work for them or are unsatisfied with their results, Skinny Up!® offers a 30 day, money back guarantee for Skinny Up!® products. Just send the bottles back (postmarked within 30 days of your purchase date), and Skinny Up!® will refund the product price.

How long does a bottle of product last?

When taken as directed in the Skinny Up!® Protocol Guide, 1 bottle of Skinny Up!® Reduce lasts 12-14 days. 1 bottle of Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux lasts 28-30 days. 1 bottle of Skinny Up!® Maintain lasts 28-30 days.

What is in the Skinny Up!® products?

The Supplement Facts are listed on each product page in the shop section of the Skinny Up!® website.
The ingredients are:

Skinny Up!® Reduce Ingredient List

Active Ingredients:

Vitamin E (as alpha Tocopheryl Acetate), Niacin (Niacinamide), Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL), Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin), Zinc (as Gluconate), Potassium (as Potassium Citrate)

Proprietary Blend:

L-Ornithine HCL, L-Glycine, L-Arginine, Beta-Alanine, L-Serine, L-Tyrosine, L-Glutamine, Maca Root, Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract, African Mango Seed, Maltodextrin Fiber (soluble dietary fiber), L-Carnitine

Other Ingredients:

DI Water, Organic Cane Alcohol, Eleuthero Root, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Red Clover Herb, Stevia Leaf Extract, Luo Han Guo, Citric Acid, Lauric Arginate, Potassium Sorbate, Masking Flavor, Berry Flavor

Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux Ingredient List:

Active Ingredients: Proprietary Blend Of:

FOS, Digestive Enzyme Blend, Garlic Powder, Acai Fruit Extract, Green Tea Extract, Spinach Juice Powder, Blueberry Juice Powder, Oregon Grape Root Powder, Jerusalem Artichoke

Inactive Ingredients:

Filtered Water, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Flavor, Stevia Extract, Lauric Arginate, Potassium Sorbate

Skinny Up!® Maintain Ingredient List:

Active Ingredients:

Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, and Zinc

Proprietary Blend:

L-Ornithine, L-Glycine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Hoodia, Glucomannan

Other Ingredients:

DI Water, 20% Ethyl Alcohol

Are there certain dressings I can have with the Reduce Phase? It’s hard to find anything without sugar or sugar substitutes…

Yes! Check out Bare Foods, Inc. for some yummy and fairly inexpensive dressing and sauce options.

You can also shop carefully at your grocery store. Look for all-natural options with no sugar or sugar substitutes. Vinegar based dressings are typically better.

You can use an all-natural mustard or hot sauce during your protocol.

There are also dressing recipes available.

Why am I only having a bowel movement every three or four days during Reduce Phase?

During the Reduce Phase, you are not consuming enough waste to produce a daily bowel movement. You are not constipated, and should not be experiencing any discomfort or pain. You simply are only consuming enough waste to produce a bowel movement every three or four days. This is very normal, so don’t be concerned.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, then you could utilize some smooth move tea, but you really shouldn’t need it.

How can I break this plateau?

Option 1. You may do an Apple Day. In an Apple Day, the only food you will eat are apples. You will consume up to 6 apples that day. (You may eat less, but no more than, six.) You will drink plenty of water, and may still consume coffee and tea. In effect, this is a mini liver cleanse, and should break your plateau.

Option 2. You may have a Mini-Steak Day. Similar to the Steak Day during Retrain Phase – except this very lean steak is only the allotted 3 ounces, and may not be cooked in fats or oils. You will have fasted all day, and will choose either an apple or a tomato to eat with your steak. You will drink plenty of water, and may still consume coffee and tea. This should break your plateau.

How much water should I drink during Reduce Phase?

Drink to satisfy your thirst. Coffee and teas are an option during Reduce Phase, but the main source of your hydration should be water. A good rule of thumb is to drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces each day. If that’s too much, though, and you feel like you might burst, don’t force yourself to drink more.

Should I continue to take my prescription medicines during Reduce Phase?

Yes! Keep taking your medications as prescribed by your doctor. However, be sure to set up an appointment with that prescribing doctor within two weeks or so of beginning the Reduce Phase. You will have lost so much weight by that time that your doctor will want to be aware of the weight loss. He or she will want the opportunity to re-evaluate the levels of your prescription (s.)

What are some of the reasons why a person’s weight stalls during the Reduce Phase?

Every person’s body is made up different cell memories, conditioned responses, stress reactions, and emotional triggers. Because of this, each person is a new, individual case when it comes to this program. Where one person may have extreme success in losing quickly without many (or any) stall patterns, another person may feel that their Reduce Phase is riddled with ups and downs or stalls on their weight loss chart. It is important that we do not compare our weight loss with anyone else. There are a good portion of people that lose an average of .8 pounds per day over the course of each round, however, there are many people that average anywhere from .4 to .8 pounds per day.* (Take your total weight lost so far and divide that by the total number of days you have been in Reduce Phase to find your daily average weight loss)

If we stepped into this program with the perception that we would lose 1/2 pound a day, we would be so happy that we were losing 1 pound every 2 days . . . Right?! But, because some people lose weight a bit more quickly, we become disappointed with our own amazing results!

Here are some reasons for stalls or gains

  • Old weight set-point (your body feels safe at “this” weight)
  • Emotional issues: fear of success, fear of attention or advances from opposite sex, fear of giving up the excuse to be: sad, lonely, sick, tired, less than wonderful, less than beautiful, less than needed, less than worthy, less than…
  • Release of toxins (fat soluble toxins) back into the system which increases acidic nature of the internal terrain of the body. When the body becomes too acidic, it retains water to help alkalize the internal terrain. This extra water retention can show up as weight gain or a stall.
  • Stress. Your body will do what it needs to in order to keep you safe and healthy. That means if you’re experiencing lots of stress, it will devote the bulk of your energy to keeping your going rather than losing weight.
  • Lack of sleep will play a huge part in keeping you from losing weight. Our bodies need to sleep in order to lower stress levels and operate in a healthy way.

If you are experiencing a stall, know that even though it is frustrating, it is a sign that your body is keeping you healthy and functioning by not allowing your liver to be overloaded. Once whatever is caught up in your liver is processed, you will be back to losing weight.

You can just ride it out for the first 2 days of a stall, but if you hit day 3 and there is still no change on the scale, let’s have you do a mini-steak day or an apple day as described in the FAQ section of your Skinny Up!® Protocol Guide.

It’s time for Retrain Phase and I’m soooo scared to eat!

Let’s face it, Reduce Phase was “safe”. You had a certain portion of food that you ate, in a set manner, that finally moved you in a new direction with regard to your stubborn weight. It was simple and the “thinking” was done for you. Remember that even though you were only putting in around 500-700 calories per day through the mouth, you were consuming between 2,000 and 4,000 calories per day from your visceral fat. Your metabolism was alive and cranking during Reduce Phase! Now, during Retrain Phase, you need to keep that metabolism working, but you no longer have Skinny Up!® Reduce in your system to help you get calories from visceral fat – so you MUST eat enough food in order to keep your metabolism functioning well. This looks like the practice of eating food when you’re hungry and then not eating food when you’re not hungry.

Skinny Up!® Maintain is recommended during the Retrain Phase to help keep your energy at a nice even level.** It does this by providing a smaller amount of amino acids and vitamin support that help to support your body as it learns what its new normal is going to be.

Remember to weigh yourself every morning, that way your weight will never get away from you. During the Retrain Phase, your body is figuring out what “normal” will look like from now on, so there will be some fluctuation. That is normal and expected. Remember to utilize the steak day that is described on page 15 of your Skinny Up!® Protocol Guide if you are ever 2 or more pounds higher than whatever your end-of-Reduce-Phase-weight was.

Every person does at least one steak day. Most do two. Some do three. It is okay and a natural part of the journey.

And then relax! The Retrain Phase is a wonderful time where you get to enjoy a variety of foods in wonderful combinations that you’ve been staying away from during the Reduce Phase. You get to eat fats and oils now which adds so much to a meal. The only things to stay away from or be cautious about are listed in your Skinny Up!® Protocol Guide on page 16.

Is it important for me to take my Skinny Up!® Reduce drops at a certain time during the day?

It is good to have the Skinny Up!® Reduce drops taken throughout the day to help directs your appetite. Our goal is that you keep a nice, consistent level of Skinny Up! ® in your system. This means that you should take your Skinny Up!® Reduce spaced evenly throughout the day, beginning as you rise in the morning. These times do not need to correlate with meal times.

It is important to spread out your Skinny Up!® Reduce doses to keep from experiencing hunger.

What do I eat during the Retrain Phase?

Once you have completed the Reduce Phase, you are now free to add oils and fats back into your diet. In Retrain Phase you are allowed to eat fatty meats like turkey, ham, pork, tuna, salmon, etc. You also have a wider variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from. The only fruits and veggies that you need to stay away from or use caution with are listed in your Skinny Up!® Protocol Guide on page 16.

The Retrain Phase is a three-week long maintenance period that is most important for resetting the hypothalamus.

The basics: Still no sugars or starches. Continue to weigh every day and maintain your weight within 2 pounds your last Reduce Phase weight. If at any time your weight is higher than 2 pounds of your last Reduce Phase weight, you will do a “steak day” as described on page 15 of your Skinny Up!® Protocol Guide. Fast from foods for breakfast and lunch and then eat either an apple or tomato and large steak for an early dinner. You can still have coffee, water, or tea throughout the day during a steak day.

This should drop your weight to back within range of your last Reduce Phase weight. From that point on, eat as your body tells you to and eat smaller meals more frequently.

Consider taking our product, Skinny Up!® Maintain. This product will not support additional weight loss, but will help curb cravings for the sugars and starches you can’t yet partake of, and continue to give you a nice, even energy.

Another option is Skinny Up!® Daily which has been designed to support your entire system and has weight loss maintenance components included as well.

I’m a big soda pop drinker. Can I continue to drink diet soda while I’m in the Reduce Phase?

No! It is important to understand that the chemicals in diet soda have a negative effect on the glands, organs, hormones, and on neurology. The toxic effect of the artificial sweeteners on the body has been proven and should be avoided now, and always! We know that is not what you want to hear, however, there is an alternative.

If you need the bubbles, there is a way to get it without putting so much strain on the body. Sparkling water, low sodium club soda, mineral water, seltzer water, etc., all have fizz. Add Stevia to the seltzer water of your choice and you now have a soda that is much less harmful to the body. Nu-Naturals Vanilla Stevia has a very smooth aftertaste and can give sparkling water the flavor of Cream Soda. Now add any flavored Stevia, (Sweet Leaf brand carries many flavors) and you can have root-beer, lemon-lime, orange, etc. This is a great alternative, and, another wonderful advantage to using Stevia is that it actually helps to balance blood sugar levels in the body!! Double Bonus!

What do you recommend I use for lotion?

Many programs require you to change your whole skin care routine as you go through their weight loss protocol. That is not the case with Skinny Up!®. Weight loss really comes down to what your body is consuming, so as you cut out sugar and the bulk of your carbohydrates (with the help of Skinny Up!® Reduce!) you will lose weight successfully. The added pressure of changing your skin care routine can cause stress on the body, which can tend to slow down weight loss. So let’s not do that!

If you are only a pound or two away from your body’s ideal weight and the scale isn’t budging… at that point, it might be a good idea to address some of the digestible oils in your hygiene products. For most  people, though, this will never be an issue.

I’m experiencing hunger pangs, what can I do?

Hunger is really common during the first few days. People experience different forms of “hunger”. Some say their stomach grumbles and grumbles; some say it feels like an empty feeling in the pit of their stomach (like when you’ve gone way too long without food). Remember that your body is going through a huge transition from feeding off of sugar to now feeding off of fat. It is also breaking a habit of snacking, so there is quite a bit of change happening in the first few days of the protocol. Until this initial feeling goes away, there are a few things you can do.

  • Make sure you are drinking plenty of water (1/2 your body weight in ounces each day is a good rule of thumb). Heavy teas like Chai tea also can be helpful. (Celestial Seasonings Chai- no sugar) Also, mineral water with bubbles (low sodium please) can settle the stomach grumbles quite well.
  • You can spread your food out throughout the day. If hunger sets in at 10:30 a.m., eat some or all of your Melba Toast, or 1/2 of one of your fruit servings.
  • You can take a bit more of the Skinny Up!® Reduce if you feel you need it. A few drops under the tongue can be very helpful to stave off cravings. Everyone is a bit different when it comes to effective Skinny Up!® Reduce amounts and the timing of taking their drops. You will find your own rhythm and finally settle on what works best for you but it is good to remember that the goal is to have an even amount of the product in your body around the clock. That means that you do not need to take Skinny Up!® Reduce at meal times. Instead you should take your  doses of Skinny Up!® Reduce evenly throughout your waking hours, beginning as you rise.
Is there a good way to measure veggies?

Most people follow the ‘handful’ rule. On lettuce, shredded cabbage and spinach, most people use as much as they can grab. Which, usually turns out to be 1 1/2 handfuls. A veggie like asparagus perhaps needs to be cut up to put in a measuring cup.

Try not to fret over serving size so much. The most important rule to follow is the lean meats at 3 1/2 ounces (100 grams) weighed raw. Just use common sense and your best judgment.

Can I take over the counter pain relievers?

There is always a chance that adding a chemical to our system can stall or slow down the process of fat loss. Chemicals are acid in the body. When the body becomes acidic, it has to retain water and fat to neutralize the acid. This could be interpreted as a stall on the scale. However, when the body has regained a safe pH, it will release the toxin, or chemical, or emotion, and weight reduction will continue. Use pain relievers if necessary, and remember to not be alarmed if your weight loss is slowed a bit. This too shall pass.

When should I break a stall?

Let’s never let a stall go on longer for more than 3 days. Do either a mini steak day or an apple day.

Mini steak day – similar to the Steak Day during the Retrain Phase – except this very lean steak is only 3 ounces and may not be cooked in fats or oils. Drink water, coffee and tea all day until dinner. Choose either an apple or a tomato with your steak. This should break your plateau.

Apple day – the only thing you eat are apples for one whole day. Eat up to 6 apples that day. Drink plenty of water, and you may have coffee and tea. In effect, this is a mini liver cleanse and should break your plateau.

Both of these options work similarly by helping to clear out the liver which will help you get back to consistent weight loss. Sometimes a person’s body favors one method above the other, so if the first one you try doesn’t do the trick, we’d recommend trying the other. If you’re still having issues, schedule a call with our team. We’ll help get it figured out!

How important is water consumption? I only really drink tea and coffee.

Very!!! Water is vital to the body functioning properly. Water helps to flush toxins out; (you’ve heard that before). Here’s why: When the body releases waste from the cells, which happens every second of the day, it has to protect itself by moving this acidic waste out of the system. One way to decrease acid in the system is to dilute it with water. So, here’s a good scenario: You are doing great in your fat loss, you’ve had three good days of losing .8, .6, and 1 pound. You’re thrilled! Then whammmmm, you stall for 2 days in a row. What happened? One possibility is that your body is diluting the newly released acid in your body by retaining water. This dilution will allow your body to remove these toxins more easily without harm. So, after your 2-day stall, you miraculously drop 1.2 pounds! Your body neutralized the acid and was able to release the waste and the extra water it took to neutralize it. This is why consumption of water is so, so, so important! When we lose weight at this rate, our body is releasing fat soluble toxins back into the system. More water will help your body neutralize the acidic toxins with greater ease. Tea and coffee are, by nature, acidic. If this is all you are drinking, you are keeping your body in a state of acidosis. Rethink your lifestyle choices and benefit greatly!

What kind of support comes with Skinny Up!®?

So much support! Every package comes with detailed instructions on how to use the product. Every package that includes Reduce will come with a Skinny Up!® Protocol Guide which includes all of the information needed in order to be successful. Beyond that, we provide detailed email support. When you place an order, you are put into an email system that sends information specific to your journey with the goal of answering questions right before they tend to come up. We also have the Skinny Up!® Team who is available to answer your questions and support you through the entire journey. Schedule a call through the Skinny Up!® website! Finally, there is the Skinny Up!® Community Group on Facebook that is a thriving community for those going through the Skinny Up!® journey to support and encourage one another. Invitation to the Community Group is included in the email journey that you’ll receive once your make your purchase.

Is Skinny Up!® the same as HCG?

No. Skinny Up!® was originally designed around the HCG hormone, but after the first year or so (back in 2010) we made a switch to an all-natural and hormone free formula. We continually upgrade our formula to make sure that our customers receive the best possible product, so it will occasionally slightly change.

I’m going through menopause. Will Skinny Up!® still work for me?

Yes! We have had many women who have successfully gone through the Skinny Up!®  Protocol after they’ve gone through menopause. Skinny Up!® works to clean out the body on a cellular level. Which means that stored, old hormones will finally be cleared out of the body. So, many women feel even more energized than before they began once they go through the Skinny Up!® Protocol.

Sometimes, women who have not had a menstrual cycle in a few years do Skinny Up!® and experience some spotting. This is not a cause for alarm, but instead a sign that the body is getting rid of stored hormones. How wonderful!

Is there a diet that I have to do with Skinny Up!® products?

Yes. With every Skinny Up!® purchase that includes Skinny Up!® Reduce, you will receive a Skinny Up!® Protocol Guide that gives detailed information about the recommend protocol along with instructions on exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.

Skinny Up!® utilizes an intermittent fasting approach while guiding you in the specifics of what to eat in controlled portion sizes. This allows for your body to have time and space to process and consume stored nutrition from the visceral fat cells while ridding the body of stored toxicity. Because of the support of the Skinny Up!® products, the body is able to go through this process without additional stress and typically without feeling hungry or jittery.**

Do I take Daily while I’m doing the Skinny Up!® protocol?

It won’t hurt to use Skinny Up!® Daily on the same days that you’re doing the protocol, however you will likely be doubling up on a lot of components. Therefore, it is probably a better option to save Skinny Up!® Daily for when you’re not on the protocol.

You should begin taking Skinny Up!® Daily as you enter the Retrain Phase.

Is Skinny Up!® Daily only for people who have done the Skinny Up!® Protocol?

No. Skinny Up!® Daily is an amazing product that is helpful for most people because of the awesome supplemental support that it offers. This can be taken as your daily multivitamin as it has all of the components that a quality multivitamin should have. It also has support for your organs of elimination, support for quality sleep and rest, amino acids to help even out blood sugar levels, and digestive support… all for the goal of lowering overall stress on the body so that your body can function at its very best.

Do I take Reduce and Yeast Redux at the same time?

You can! Each Skinny Up!® product serves a different purpose. Skinny Up!® Reduce is designed to calm the brain which will direct the appetite to the stored nutrition in the visceral fat cells. This enables your body to follow the Skinny Up!® Protocol without added stress on the system, but instead with a supported system, the body can consume the stored nutrition at a high rate. Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux is designed to specifically target and kill candida yeast overgrowth, which is one of the typical causes of sugar cravings. So, we recommend using Skinny Up!® Reduce and Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux, beginning on the same day, so that you can lose weight while addressing the source of your cravings. This will help you to stay on track both in the long and short term.

You can take Skinny Up!® Reduce and Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux at the same time of day, we simply recommend that you leave 10-15 minutes in between taking the products. It is also worth noting that both products do not need the other in order to be effective. They work well together, but you can still lose weight on without Skinny Up!® Yeast Redux. Similarly, you can still kill candida yeast overgrowth without Skinny Up!® Reduce.

I have a question about my expiration date…

Reduce bottles are labeled with the manufacturing date and are good for 2 years after that date as long as they remain unopened. Yeast Redux, Maintain, and Daily are labeled with the expiration date. All of our products, once opened, are good for 8 weeks.

Can I expedite shipping?
It is possible, but it is typically fairly expensive. To overnight a shipment (arriving the next business day), the cost is $49.95. Give us a call to place your order over the phone. Our number is (970)449-4141.
Do I have to do the Loading Phase?

Yes. The Loading Phase is what gets your body in gear to lose weight by ramping up the amount of fat that your body is consuming. The goal is that on day 3, when you make the switch to Reduce Phase eating, your body will stay in that fat burning mode. The difference, though, is that the bulk of that fat will be coming from the visceral fat cells in the body rather than from food coming in through the mouth.

This food is boring. Can I substitute…?

All of the foods that are listed in the Skinny Up!® protocol have been specifically chosen to give you great nutrition while keeping it really simple so that your body can use the bulk of its energy to process and consume the stored nutrition from your visceral fat cells. Depending on a person’s individual body, you might be fine including broccoli or green peppers as a vegetable choice, but not every person is able to consume some of those substitutes. So, in an effort to make sure that each person is losing the most weight possible, we highly recommend sticking with the food choices that are listed in the Skinny Up!® protocol guide. Remember, it is just for a short time and you’re not only losing weight very quickly, you are detoxifying and cleaning out your body on a cellular level. This is such a healthy thing! Do the hard work and get healthy. You will not regret it.

Click here for some great recipes that can be used during the Reduce Phase.

I’m feeling faint and dizzy, what should I do?

Keep drinking water! Remember that this is a huge detoxification process that you’re putting your body through, so there are shifts happening on every level. Chemically speaking, your body is being reworked so it is natural that you might experience a few moments of dizziness as this transition happens. Making the switch from feeding off of sugar to now feeding off of fat can be a challenge, but it is a good thing! If you’re still feeling a little faint past the first few days, go ahead an add in a little bit of healthy fat. Yes, the goal is to stay away from fats in order to let your body consume fat from the visceral fat cells. However, when the detox process is too much, the body can need a little extra support. Taking in a bit of healthy fat through the mouth can be a great solution. This could look like a quarter of an avocado with a meal, snacking on 5-10 nuts (walnuts or pecans are best), or adding in a teaspoon or so of coconut oil in your morning coffee. You should notice a change pretty quickly. Try this new approach for a few days and then back off and see how you’re doing. Remember, your body will tell you how you’re doing. Listen to it. Trust it.

I am a week or so in, and I have cramps in my legs – why? What can I do about it?

Feeling some muscle cramps is not common, but it isn’t unheard of. Most often, cramping can be helped by upping your mineral and vitamin intake. While Skinny Up!® products are loaded with great nutritional support, sometimes a person’s body might need some extra help. For muscle cramps specifically, try to up your magnesium intake. This can be done through your food choices by choosing dark, leafy greens like spinach or dark romaine lettuce. You could also add in a Magnesium supplement. As with all of these suggestions, chat with your primary care physician!

I have _____ can I do Skinny Up!®? (diabetes, no thyroid, hormone issues…)

There are few people who truly should not do Skinny Up!®. Because Skinny Up!® is such an amazing detoxification process, even if there are additional health issues going on, Skinny Up!® is often supportive of restoring health and wellness. Of course, we recommend that you always chat with your primary care physician before doing Skinny Up!® to be sure that you’re being safe and healthy. The only people that should change their approach to the protocol, though, are people with Type 1 Diabetes, those currently battling cancer (especially if they’re currently going through chemotherapy), or similar extreme situations. Things like not having a thyroid or having hormonal issues can and likely will affect the weight loss process by slowing it down a bit, but you should still be losing weight. To chat through your specific situation, please schedule a coaching session and a Skinny Up!® team member will be able to talk through your specific needs with you.

Can I continue to take Reduce after 40 days?

We recommend that you don’t go beyond 40 days of the Reduce Phase at a time because our goal is to keep you healthy and safe while continually giving you the very best option for weight loss. That happens by making sure that your body is well-rested and stress-free. After the 40-day mark, we recommend that you do the 3 week Retrain Phase to give your body a rest and to make sure that your body does not become too accustomed to the awesome effects of Skinny Up!® Reduce. Once you finish the Retrain Phase, you can go into another round of Reduce right away (beginning with the Loading Phase again.

If you only have a few more pounds to go, you could tack on a few extra days, but we recommend that you do not go longer than 3-5 extra days on the Reduce Phase. If you have more than just a few pounds, plan on doing the Retrain Phase and then coming back to another Reduce Phase to reach your goal.

Can I have any zero calorie water drink?

No. Zero calorie does not automatically mean healthy. Always read the ingredients so that you know what you’re putting into your body. This is a good thing to practice in every season of life, not just when you’re doing the Skinny Up!® protocol. Make sure that there isn’t added sugar or sugar substitutes which are often worse for you than plain ol’ sugar.

I’m a large man, so I will need more food than this protocol says… what should I do?

Actually, your body should be able to still get the bulk of its food from the stored nutrition in the visceral fat cells. Go ahead and follow the protocol as described in the protocol guide for a few days and see how you feel. If needed, you can add in a few extra calories through the mouth by adding an egg or two as a breakfast portion. This should give a small amount of healthy fat with some good protein for you to help support the process without slowing down the weight loss.

Help! I’m getting ready to go into Retrain Phase. I’m scared because I don’t want to gain the weight back. What do I eat?!

The Retrain Phase is designed to let you learn what life is like as you eat when you’re hungry and as you do not eat when you’re not hungry.

Once you have completed the Reduce Phase, you are now free to add oils and fats back into your diet. In Retrain Phase you are allowed to eat fatty meats like turkey, ham, pork, tuna, salmon, etc. You also have a wider variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from.

The Retrain Phase is a three-week long maintenance period that is most important for resetting the hypothalamus. Still no sugars or starches. You will continue to weigh every day and maintain your weight within 2 pounds either side of your last Reduce Phase weight. If at any time your weight is higher than 2 pounds of your last Reduce Phase weight, you will do a “steak day”. Fast on liquids for breakfast and lunch and then eat either an apple or tomato and large steak for an early dinner.

This should drop your weight to back within range of your last Reduce Phase weight. From that point on, eat as your body tells you to and eat smaller meals more frequently.

Consider taking our optional product, Skinny Up!® Maintain. This product will not support additional weight loss, but will help curb cravings for the sugars and starches you can’t yet partake of, and continue to give you a nice, even energy.